The Realm of Mondiir

Many of the basic elements of the Realm of Mondiir come from my building it based on the Dungeon Master Guide.

Core Assumptions of the Realm of Mondiir:

  • Gods Inhabit the Realm, but are “Powered” by the Beliefs of Others: Gods are very much real and it is considered a folly to ignore their existence. While these dieties do act as dieties in accordance to the main rules, they are distinctly powered by the beliefs of their followers. This leads to a distinct link between the faith of a follower and the ability of a deity to help them, as well as a shift in their powers throughout time. They walk the realm, whether openly or secretly, and can be important to any instance. While they can be challenged and killed for their power, they have the ability to leave the dimension at will into their home realm or their own pocket dimension. Some powerful beings, usually evil, even seek to gain their own followers through their actions. (For more details, scroll down to the Pantheon notes)
  • The Realm is Ancient: the Realm of Mondiir is as old as any other and spans known time. Empires have risen and fallen, monsters appeared in a great confluence of magic, and there is much of the world which is forgotten, left of the known maps. Campaigns can be set in Stone Age with dinosaurs through the Future Space Age with deep space aliens.
  • The World is Largely Untamed: While there are cities, towns, and villages which expand over time, much of the world is unsettled due to the perceived danger of the Wilds. Even within the borders of civilizations, there are areas where people do not generally travel without living there.
  • The World is Magical, but the Magic is Dying: The Realm of Mondiir was created in magic and has radiated magic with Wild Magic mist springs throughout the realm. This was drastically increased since the Confluence in the Iron Age, which brought monsters into the realm. Since then, however, the springs began to die off. Over time, magic, and its practitioners, become rarer and rarer. In more modern times, magic is considered dangerous in the light of science and industry.
  • The Realm is Loosely Based on Our Own: Settings around Mondiir are based loosely on times and places in real life, with magical and fantastical twists. Think steampunk Victorian London and you have the right idea. Depending on the outcome of campaigns, however, the timeline could be drastically different

The Way the Pantheon works:

The Core Pantheon: Gods who are the most vital to the workings of the realm. This list changes depending on the time frame the game is set in and is primarily made up of greater dieties from the Dawn War list (DMG 10). There are never more than three gods who belong to this Pantheon: one good, one evil, and one neutral.
The Primary Pantheon: Gods who are still vital to the workings of the realm, but are not as essential as the leaders. These are all the remaining greater dieties. These dieties are always both working with the god who leads their alignment and trying to take their spot on the core throne. This list also changes with the time period the game is set.

The Secondary Pantheon: This pantheon is the lowest rung of dieties who are worshipped by mortals on a wide basis.

The Empty Pantheon: Contrary to its name, the empty pantheon is a long list of dieties who have either died or lost enough worshippers to be considered a vestige. These gods are actually mortal and can be easily slain–in comparison to the other gods.