Timeline of Mondiir

The Dawn Age (The Dawn Gods Rule Without Hierarchy)

  • Depending on the time, the Dawn War Gods are the pantheon during this time.
  • It is unclear when, but the first kingdom was started by the dragons: King Bahamut and Queen Tiamat.
  • It is also unclear when, but there was a great meteor which hit Mondiir at this time, wiping out the dinosaurs and many of the dragons. This began the Ice Age, which led to the Flood Age, wiping out enough of the large beasts and dragons to allow smaller life to flourish.
  • 6404 First elven kingdom started by King Corellon and Queen Sehanine, the star and the moon. They found the first Wizarding school in their city of Elvhen. This would eventually become known as the School of Invention. The Primeval Guardian, Beast, and Hunter Conclaves are founded.
  • -6000 The Night King marches against the elves.
  • -3405 First dwarf kingdom started by King Moradin. The Gloom Stalker and Deep Stalker Conclaves are founded. The Rune Scribe guild is founded.
  • -3050 The first half-human, half-animal gods, calling themselves Egyptians, appear in Nekhen. They establish the capital of Memphis.
  • -2700 First gnome and Halfling society as a circle of druids. All circles point back to this Prime Circle as the origin of their own.
  • -2686 The Old Kingdom of Nekhen is founded by some of the Animal population, a family of Sphinxes, as intermediaries with the deities.
  • -2181 The murder of King Nekhen, the sphinx, led the country into civil war.
  • -2134 Queen Ank Nekhen proclaimed rulership as she claimed herself a goddess, creating the Middle Kingdom of Nekhen. She ruled from Faium, a place with an interplanar portal to the Feywild.
  • -1905 First human kingdom started by King Pelor and Queen Erathis in Eden Valley. Their city would come to be known as the Eternal City.
  • -1690 The Egyptian deities killed Queen Nekhen for truly tapping into the power of Belief. They also cut the ties to the Feywild.
  • -1655 Elves notices that they are no longer immortal, however long their lives still are. This is not the case for only the King and Queen, who had become deities to their people.
  • -1650 Lolth, an elf, betrays the elven kingdom and becomes a goddess to the newly formed drow.
  • -1605 Dragons, discovering the secret to the longevity of the elven king and queen, began to create their own cults across the world at the behest of Tiamat and Bahamut. The first Dragonborn are born. The first half-dragons are created. The Dragon War, eventually called the Dawn War, begins. Bahamut’s equal treatment of these “lesser dragonbloods” would lead to their split during this war.
  • -1220 All Of the deities which exist to this point meet after hundreds of years of war and come up with the Pantheon Compact to preserve the world from the eminent destruction. They meet in the Eternal City as a neutral ground. The Dawn War ends.

The Nonhuman Age (Corellon(G)- Lolth(E)- Melora(N))

The nonhumans flourish in general during this age, allowing for the nonhuman deities to appear. The Ordning establishes itself in the northwest of the continent and begins to spread, mostly fighting with dragons. Most common magical items are invented, all cantrips in PH invented.

  • -753 The founding of the city of Cavia by two werewolf brothers.
  • -620 The earliest records of multiple human cultures, the foundation of the Wizard School Of Lore and the Bard College Of Lore.
  • -550 Cyrus the Great creates Mulan Empire.
  • -522 Darius I of the Mulan crowned.

The Ancient Age (Pelor(G)- Erathis(N)- Vecna(E))

Humans finally began to flourish during this age, allowing for the Forgotten Realms, Northern, Egyptian, and Celtic deities to appear. The first “Horn-men” are made by a Northern god, the first “Northmen” are created by a Northern goddess. Uncommon magical items and 1st level spells from PH invented.

  • -509 The city of Cavia is renamed “The Imperial City” for the Red Empire growing from there under the Turami Elders. It is considered a republic at this point, however; each elder had a voice in leading the Red Empire.
  • -505 The Great Kingdoms Of the Ancients established by this time. (The New Kingdom of Nekhen founded under Pharaoh Calishite.)
  • -500 Pythagoreas Of the Turami begins first cults to the great humans of the time (who would become Forgotten Realms deities).
  • -499 The Ancient War between the orcs and the humans. Each side gathered many allies. Both sides begin to experiment with War magic.
  • -480 Victory of Queen Sparta in Ancient Theomea. She built a temple in honor of the three fates, the three hags which helped her people win against the invading Mulan force.
  • -465 Emperor Xerxes I is assassinated by rogue Darius of the Blades with the first hidden blade.
  • -449 The orcs are pushed back out of the lands of the humans and their allies. The Wizard School Of War is founded in the Eternal City by the humans.
  • -415 The human kingdom of Boridin in the north is nearly wiped out by a volcanic eruption.
  • -400 The Wizard School Of Bloodmagic is founded in “the Heartland”, in the kingdom of Archon, the base of the Red Empire.
  • -355 The First Northern War begins between the Northmen and the Hornmen.
  • -330 Alexander the Great Of Archon conquers much of the middle world of Mondiir.
  • -323 Alexander the Great Of Archon is assassinated by a member of the Blades at the foundation ceremony of the Order of the Ghostslayer Witch Hunters.
  • -247 Mulan Empire moves capital to Parthia.
  • -230 The Conjunction Of Realms in which many of the existing realms crashed into one another to leave an eternal mark on Mondiir. The Darkstone Warriors march in the far North, ending the First Northern War by causing the Second. One of the biggest results: Mount Olympus is left in the land of Theomea, destroying much of the city of Archon.

The Olympian Age (Zeus(N)- Hades(E)- Athena(G))

In which the Olympian deities dominated the known world through fairly peaceful measures. The birth of the idea of democracy. Most rare magical items and all 2nd level spells from PH invented.

  • -229 The Horizon Walker Conclave is founded to protect against the rifts between realms.
  • -215 The Wizard School Of Theurgy is founded in the city of Olympus.
  • -210 The first emperor of the Black Empire Of the Orcs was assassinated by an orc trained by the Blades, Arnoth. Instead of retreating to the shadows, he chose to take the throne for himself and struck the name of the first emperor from all records.
  • -146 Theomea conquered by the Red Empire after Emperor Roman Turami makes a deal with the Greek gods.
  • -130 The Northern Gods are massacred at a meeting by the Darkstone Warriors.

The Black Sands Age (Ra(G)- Sobek(E)- Anubis(N))

In which Olympus wanes enough to give the Egyptian deities primacy over the pantheon. Most very rare magical items and all 3rd level spells from PH invented.

  • -110 The Ordning begins its conquest of the Far North, fighting Northmen, Hornmen, and Darkstone Warriors alike.
  • -90 Giant Darkstone Warriors appear, known as Sunders. The Far North is ravaged until the three opposing forces make a treaty which binds them together under the command of the Ordning. The Second North War ends.
  • -70 The Third North War begins with some of the Hornmen and many of the Northmen combining forces against the Ordning. The Greycloaks are founded.
  • -49 Founding Of the House of White and Black under Emperor Julius Caesar as his secret militant arm.
  • -47 Pharoah Ptolemy Calishite, last male pharoah of Nekhen, is killed.

The Red Age (Jupiter(N)- Mars(E)- Vulcan(G))

In which the assassination of the first Red Emperor sets off a new thirst for conquest in the Red Empire, spreading the power of Olympus under new names. The first Legendary magical items invented; all 4th level spells in PH invented.

  • -44 the first emperor of the Red Empire, Julius Caesar, is assassinated by the Blades with the knife of 40 cuts. The Red Civil War begins in the power vacuum. The Black Empire begins to invade, beginning the Black and Red Wars as well. The next emperor, Octavian, called himself Caesar Octavian.
  • -42 the Red Civil War ends as the last of the traitor senators are killed with Mark Antony, rebellious leader of the House of White and Black. While the House would remain interested in the Red Empire, it would cease to work for the Caesar.
  • -30 The Third North War ends with the Ordning mostly establishing dominance. A Hornman Druid curses the Hornmen who stayed with the Ordning giants to lose their immortal life. This, however, now allows them to procreate.
  • -30 Pharaoh Cleopatra Calishite of the Egyptians in Nekhen kills herself with a snake as the Red Empire and Black Empire invade.
  • -25 The outcast Hornmen who had supported the Ordning convert to a dragon’s cult and follow it to the east. They become known as the Draknari, keeping much of the order of the Ordning with their new faith.
  • -5 The first dwarven Provings, the inspiration for human coliseums.
  • -1 The final battle of the Black and Red Wars pushes the orcs back to the southern continent.
  • 1 The First Year Of the Red Peace, this is not a period of actual peace however as the Red Empire continuously expanded by force. The first use by humans of lyrium.
  • 25 The Stonehammer Empire Of the dwarves is begun in Evergleam. Emperor Stonehammer is named the first Paragon, a living ancestor.
  • 72 The Bard College Of Swords is founded in the Eternal City with a coliseum.
  • 100 The Draknari slay the dragon who broke faith with them. They find strength not in the belief of a deity, but in their system: the Drakna. They change their name to the Draknae.
  • 214 The Red-Elven War begins as the Red Empire invades elven lands.
  • 220 Blood magic is used to wipe out the city of Elvhen, ending the Red-Elven War. The city is taken by the Red Empire and named “the Eternal City”.
  • 330 The city of Byzantium is founded along with the Bard College Of Valor.
  • 392 The city of Byzantium resists the first roving band of Shou fighters from the Far East.
  • 480 The Second Black and Red Wars begin.
  • 500 The Last Red Caesar is killed in battle by an orc army. From this point on, the Red call their leaders Emperor or Empress.

The Dark Age (Hades (E)-Avandra(G)- Pelor (N))

All 5th level spells in PH invented. The Empires seek to make their emperors gods. Hades usurps the throne of Olympus from Zeus.

  • 600 CE Since the death of the last Emperor of the Red Empire, the Black Empire, led by the orc Emperor Arnoth VII, has spread across the Heartland Valley. The remnants of the primarily human empire managed to hold some standing in a small region of the north of the Valley, but the new emperor descends from the last true emperor’s general, not the emperor himself. As such, a small pocket region in the northern hills and mountains of the region has freed itself from both empires so that non-orc, goblinoid, or human races could live among themselves. However, both empires seek to have this land back. Seeing the weakness of both empires, it did not take long for the Ordning order of giants to begin to seek land for themselves.
  • 600 (campaign #1) The Freefolk, a group of various races and creeds, reformed from the ashes of the Second Black and Red Wars to assassinate the Black Emperor Arnoth VII. The orc empire scattered, giving the Eternal City back to the Red Empire. Treketo, one of the first born dragons, dies.
  • 601 Jal becomes lord of Timberland.
  • 605 The Freelands open to democracy. Mara elected Lady Mayor of Endgrove; Ennaglorn named Lord Mayor of New Haven.
  • 610 the Western Empire falls apart when the new emperor is assassinated.
  • 615 the remaining Celts and Avari take back much of their ancestral lands in the face of the weakened Red presence.
  • 622 Tom Greenwood dies fighting a Cloud Giant. His son, Jack, takes over at the age of sixteen. He is closely protected by a warforged named Grunt. Many in the north are unnerved by the stone man.
  • 625 the Olympian gods begin to die from a lack of faith.
  • 650 Rinn returned to his people; Frosteye, his winter wolf, dies.
  • 651 The Hamiq Sultanate officially conquers the Mulan capital of Parthia, taking the empire as its own.
  • 652 Jack Greenwood the Giantslayer, the Great, last of his name, dies imprisoned by a giant lord.
  • 656 The Hamiq Sultanate, followers of the deities of Dragon Lance, invade the Eastern Empire
  • 660 After decades of being a part of the broken Western Empire, the land of Cavia is taken back into the Red Empire through the aid of Rinn and Meta.
  • 666 CE (campaign #2) The Red Emperor Justinian I is crowned after his uncle is assassinated and his mother ascends to replace Athena.
  • 666 Count Vlacul escapes from the city of Hopeless, eliminating much of the army.
  • 666 The Red Army of Theomea defended against the siege of Hopeless and marched on the army of the Sultan of the Hamiq, who revealed himself to be a blue dragon in disguise. Prince Asulam, friend of the adventuring party, took his place as Sultan and signed a peace treaty with Red Emperor Justinian I in the city of Byzantium. As the peace settled, the gods of the Olympian Pantheon began a civil war among themselves in which Hades took the throne of Olympus. His son, Thanatos became Lord of Hades and married the priestess, Elia. They became the Raven King and Queen. When she betrayed him, Elia was banished to a realm of total darkness.
  • 667 Castle Vlacul is visibly reoccupied.
  • 670 Gaulius becomes Lord Ghostslayer of the witch hunters at Castle Shieldsworn.
  • 676 Xanatos killed by Hercules and becomes a Charon, a boatman of the dead.
  • 686 Aneah named general of the Red Army; Bassipae dies in the Neptune’s Jewels establishment.
  • 689 The founding of the Gilda’s Kids Mercenary Company.
  • 690 Kora is captured by the House of White and Black and punished for her betrayal. Besisen sought revenge for his love and died fighting the House.
  • 702 the last tribe of Greycloaks in the North is killed by the Ordning. The Engles, Alamars, and the Jutts leave the lands of the Ordning.
  • 710 Engles, Alamars, and the Jutts invade the northeastern isles. They are quickly incorporated into the remaining Red Empire power structures.
  • 720 Lord Ghostslayer Gaulius dies in Theomea.
  • 725 Exeria ascends to become an angelic presence over inter-dimensional travel.
  • 731 Prodigal Prince Maystone lands in the province of Maystone.
  • 734 The next next adventure! (Jal and Rinn 154, Meta 156, Emperor Justinian 84, Fissure 86, Sultan Asulam 124, Gilda 118, General Aneah 87, Hassan 217)
  • 760 The First Landing of the Nordlings from Altinholm in Vanvoir.
  • 785 The first colony of ogres makes its way to the northeastern isles

The Low Middle Age/The Viking Age ((G)-(N)-(E)/Odin (G)-Uller(N)-Loki(E))

All 6th/7th Level spells in PH invented.

The High Middle Age

All 8th Level spells in PH invented.

The Late Middle Age/The Crusades Age

All 9th Level spells in PH and spells in Elemental Evil invented.

The Renaissance Age

All Xanithar’s Guide spells invented.

The Colonial Age

The Pirate Age

The Revolutionary Age

The Steam Age

The World War Age

The Cold War Age

The Modern Age

The Digital Age

The Space Colonialism Age

The First Contact Age

The Fallout Age

The Space Age