Timeline of Mondiir

The Stone Age (Tiamat-Pelor-Bahamut) 

  • 3500 BCE The first tribal king started the first fortified town in Eden Valley. After a semi-successful hunt, one of the heroes brought the prince back to his father with a new beast to ride into battle and food to spare. As the town celebrated, two tyrannosaurs attacked and were brought down. 

The Dark Age (Asmodeus-Avandra-Raven Queen)

  • 600 CE Since the death of the last Emperor of the Red Empire, the Black Empire, led by the orc Emperor Arnoth VII, has spread across the Heartland Valley. The remnants of the primarily human empire managed to hold some standing in a small region of the north of the Valley, but the new emperor descends from the last true emperor’s general, not the emperor himself. As such, a small pocket region in the northern hills and mountains of the region has freed itself from both empires so that non-orc, goblinoid, or human races could live among themselves. However, both empires seek to have this land back. Seeing the weakness of both empires, it did not take long for the Ordning order of giants to begin to seek land for themselves. 
  • 666 CE The next adventure!