Created Content

The versions of content here are test material  are are free unless otherwise stated. There will usually be three phases for content here:

  1. Phase 1: Test material which is completely free and desperately want feedback on! Try it in your games while I’m trying it in mine so that I can make the best game content possible. Clicking on the link will take you directly to the content. This content will be deleted when Phase 2 begins, though there may be some pieces of it around the blog.
  2. Phase 2: Test material is only available to my Patreon subscribers on Patreon. I still want feedback, but it is getting fairly close to being polished. This will even be upgraded to the version which will be on sale and will never be taken away. 
  3. Phase 3: Officially on sale! The final, polished piece. 

Stone Age: (In the works, pre-phase 1) This will be a guide for putting your campaign in the Stone Age. Want to make a campaign set at the dawn of civilization? Want to hunt or ride a dinosaur in its natural habitat? Then this content is for you!