Game Journal #2 of the Dark Age

After being saved by a frost elf cleric named Rinn, the adventurers had freed the warforged barbarian named Grunt, with whom they teamed up to kill the goblins who had begun to enslave the residents of Endgrove, sending one of the maids of the manor to bring the news to Lord Nere. On their way … Continue reading Game Journal #2 of the Dark Age


A Quick Blog on the Schedule Shift

The World for Beginners

Hello Friends!

Graduate school is in full swing here in Ireland and the course load is IMMENSE. This week alone, I have had to read over 300 pages of text between my classes. Due to this, I am cutting my blogging work load back to once a month. I will update the schedule on each blog as I go, but the days of publishing will more or less be the same (Penny Theologian, for example, will always come out on Sundays). No more than one blog (or vlog) will be produced a week.

I am not dropping off the face of the earth– I am altering the schedule so I can keep up with all the work in front of me, including producing as quality of content as I can for each blog. This Wednesday will be the latest vlog on finding housing in Ireland from Olivers Travels…

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