Intro to My New Content: Stone Age

A tribal hunter creeps through a dense, hot jungle. She tightens her hold on her spear as the triceratops comes into view. She whistles, knowing that her companions are close by. Rearing back, she lets the spear fly and the beast is spooked, beginning to run into her druid friend, who raises a wall of flames. The triceratops begins to charge back in fear at the now defenseless hunter when the third member of the party, a berserker dives out of cover and brings his giant club down on the creatures head.  
The three cheer their successful hunt and are answered when a Tyrannosaurus roar breaks the gentle sounds of the jungle.  

This is the sort of adventure you can expect to find in Stone Age

This is the book I am writing as a companion to the standard D&D content which will place your players back into an ancient age at the dawn of civilization. Keep checking in for more content from this coming work! 



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